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  • Carbon Fiber Material = better grip. This material is best suited for slick or powder coated bars, but works great on any type of bar. Our carbon fiber grips are our specialty grips and provide maximum support from slipping. The more you use them the softer they become and will shape to your hand and bar. You will need a few uses to break these grips in.
  • Prevent Hand Rips. Say goodbye to rips and tears!! The carbon fiber material is thick enough to protect your hands from high volume reps, but thin enough to mold perfectly to the bar of your choice.
  • Wrist Comfort. Don’t let your grips dig into your wrist making you uncomfortable during a workout. Our buckle placement is on the outside to eliminate pinching or digging on the wrist.
  • 2 or 3 holes? When deciding to purchase 2 or 3 hole grips consider where you commonly rip or tear on your hands. If you tear towards the center of your hand, anywhere under your middle and ring finger, choose the 2 hole grips. If you tend to tear further to the outside of you palm, choose the 3 hole grips.


DO NOT chalk these grips until you are sure they are the correct size. While the sizing chart is accurate, grip size is largely based on feel and personal preference. We will only return grips in new condition. Used grips cannot be returned or exchanged.


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